"Come Follow Me" Matthew 4:19

Discipleship Walk Events

Spiritual Growth

Another core value of the Discipleship Walk is spiritual growth. It is the continual process of allowing the Holy Spirit to work within us daily. We believe the Discipleship Walk provides the opportunity for team members as well as new disciples to experience spiritual growth. During the weekend team members and disciples will be challenged to identify the spiritual disciplines and see how these can be developed and integrated into their daily lives.

Prayer and dependence on the Lord is the foundation of the Discipleship Walk. We challenge team members to rely on prayer and to seek God’s will for the weekend. Those individuals who are asked to serve on a team are asked to prayerfully considering serving – seeking God’s direction not relying on their own thoughts and desires. We ask that they be willing to serve wherever needed, not placing any limitations on positions in which they will or will not be willing to serve. Often being challenged to do something they don’t feel they can do (out of their comfort zone) provides an opportunity for great spiritual growth. Team members are also exposed to the essential foundation of prayer which is practiced by praying for the new disciples, talks, chapels and the overall direction of the walk. Our goal is that new disciples and team members will be challenged to grow and integrate spiritual disciplines into their daily lives.