"Come Follow Me" Matthew 4:19

Discipleship Walk Events


Another of the core values of the Discipleship Walk centers around relationships. We believe that in a culture which is becoming exceedingly impersonal with email, text messages, and the rise of social media, there is a real need to encourage people to connect on a personal and deeper level. Our goal is to create a community among the team during team formation as well as between team and new disciples on the weekend. We want to not only provide the margin and freedom from distractions to help disciples focus on their relationship with God, we want to encourage them to build relationships with others. We believe those connections are vital in helping disciples live out their Christian walk. As a result, we hope all will experience the body of Christ in action.

The tone of the entire weekend is to provide the structure and framework within which the Holy Spirit can move in people’s lives. Therefore, our focus is always on people over task. We want to encourage and support team and disciples to achieve God’s purpose for their lives. We support individuals to be stretched to accomplish tasks that they may not feel capable of completing on their own.

The goal is not to execute a perfect weekend, but one which allows the Holy Spirit to move and fosters growth through relational building in all participants.

The primary focus of the tables is to build relationships. We believe that in the context of a safe, confidential, supportive community disciples have the opportunity to access deep hurts and needs which can be brought to the light and healed.