"Come Follow Me" Matthew 4:19

Discipleship Walk Events

Leadership Development

One of the core values of the Discipleship Walk is leadership development. After an individual has attended a walk as a new disciple he or she has the opportunity to come back and participate on a team. It is within this second tier of Discipleship Walk participation that leadership development takes place. It is the team experience which offers the training to encourage and develop leaders for the church. Leadership development in a spiritual sense, as opposed to in the secular world, is developing servant leaders who learn to depend on God’s leading.

Our goal is to develop leaders who are confident in their relationship with the Lord, who prayerfully seek God’s direction in all decisions made, and who are empowered by the Holy Spirit. We desire to develop leaders who are servants first and lead by example. A spiritual leader understands that the process is more important than the outcome – people are always more important than the task. The process of spiritual growth within the walk encourages people to do their best while leaving room for them to fail. Leaders are encouraged to intentionally bring out the best in their team members. Our goal is that team members will learn leadership principles and integrate them into their daily lives.