"Come Follow Me" Matthew 4:19

Discipleship Walk Events

Anonymous Servanthood

One of the core values of Discipleship Walk is Anonymous Servanthood. We believe that the team experience aspect of the walk provides the opportunity for team members to practically apply principles of discipleship which begins with a surrender of our rights, our agendas, our plans, and expectations to God. This is anonymous servanthood in its purest form.

Learning to serve anonymously is an important part of both leadership development and the spiritual growth process – this is service that gives honor to God and not the person serving. Serving quietly and without recognition may be very difficult for some – especially those who are used to being in the limelight. However, it helps us mature spiritually, becoming more like Jesus himself. Our goal as a team is to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in which no position is more important than any other. Our actions should put others first and free the new disciples to focus on the Lord.

Basically we are asking people to serve the Lord and not for what they personally may get out of the experience. When we do that we free God to use us however He wishes. Our goal is that team members will learn this principle and integrate it into their daily lives.